3 Ways You Can Be Arrogant At Work Without Knowing It

Do you have a colleague who has a knack for making the rest feel unimportant? Nobody wants a proud team member. What if you are that person and you do not even notice it? I am not trying to scare you, but let’s face it. We are all human beings are thus are bound to make mistakes. Check these signs that it’s the case.

1. You always put yourself first
Your boss agrees to your proposal for a lengthy lunch break. The rest of your team is trying to complete a shared project, and even though you know this, you still take the break because you feel you deserve it. You wave briefly and smile at your colleagues before heading off. Yes, you ought to put yourself first at times, but this should not be the case always.
2. You never choose your words carefully
Two very annoying words get everyone mad- just and actually. Think of the last time you spoke a sentence such as these:
“Can’t you just do it this way?”
“I actually believe that’s a nice idea.”
The moment you insert these words and other rude ones makes you sound arrogant. Actually is a word that is used to show surprise. Now that your colleague has made a good suggestion and you are surprised, leaves a lot to be desired. “Just” shows simplicity; thus indicating that the person is stupid for not figuring out a solution on his own.

3. You keep equating your experiences
When a co-worker voices his frustrations, you imagine that the best way to be supportive is to share an experience that you feel is familiar. You know what, your colleague who has been summoned by the boss for not submitting a report will not mind about your terrible experience at the cafeteria. Showing empathy is good, but equating their situation with an experience that is not in any way similar sounds arrogant.