How to Get Back Into the Work Place After Being Laid Off

Getting laid off can really be upsetting, especially if it’s unexpected. It doesn’t make you feel any better knowing others have been laid off, too; you really need this job! What can be even worse is trying to get back up on the proverbial horse again. Being laid off can really disrupt your work ethic. How do you get back into the work place afterward?

First of all, give yourself a little time to get over being laid off; let’s call it a grieving period. As with anything, loss can significantly affect you. It’s best to take some time and lament the loss of your job. Pamper yourself; go to a spa or treat yourself to a movie. Just don’t let it turn into weeks on the couch! Give yourself a couple of days and then move on! Remember, the company that laid you off is surely suffering if they couldn’t afford to keep you. You wouldn’t have had a bright future there anyway.

Next, reevaluate your skills and work choices. Maybe you have the skills to try something new or maybe you’d even be interested in learning a new trade. Lots of older people (older than traditional college age) are going back to college and so can you! Don’t force yourself to remain stuck in a career choice you no longer enjoy! If you still like what you’re doing, update your resume and start sending it out!

Last, keep your head up! You are not the only person to have ever been laid off and you certainly won’t be the last. Look at it as a learning experience. Either you learned that you love the kind of work you were doing and are sincerely sad about being laid off or you feel relieved, knowing you really don’t want to be stuck doing the same type of work for the rest of your life. You know have a choice you may not have had if you hadn’t been laid off.

Being laid off can really be a bummer, but it can also lead to bigger and better things. Keep a positive attitude and don’t let it get you down. There’s plenty of jobs out there; you just have to find the one that you’re meant to do!