Habits That Will Ensure Feel Accomplished Daily

There are days when you leave work feeling successful, highly productive and happy with your accomplishment. Also, some days are directly the opposite. You have a feeling of frustration and failure. While there cannot be a bulletproof to shield you from the bad days, the following practices will help.

1. Avoid context switching
This implies to when you keep changing from one activity to another, most of which are not related. At some point, you have gotten the momentum to work on a project, but you are rudely interrupted by an urgent call. A moment later, a co-worker disrupts you. The trend goes on for a long time until you do not get anything done. That is why you should avoid disruptions, as your work day will be ruined.

2. Work out- even for a few minutes
You have full knowledge of the benefits of exercising. However, you rarely find time to make it happen. Cycling, running or hitting the gym might be perfect, but all you require is a few minutes. You may also take a short walk while getting lunch. Quick strolls increase the heart rate and even reduce stress levels.

3. Keep a gratitude journal
Gratitude journals have become increasingly popular. Imagine how it would be if you wrote something that you are grateful for every day then revisit them once a year. The beauty of this technique is that it enables you to appreciate more, as you need something to record at the end of the day.

4. Develop a shutdown ritual
Design a sequence to follow at the end of every day before resting. The ritual can be something you enjoy doing or activity that will enhance your skills. For instance, you can make it your habit to write down the stuff you want to act on the next day.